Our Process

Our Process

Process of Building a New Home with TROIA


Congratulations on making the decision to build a new home! Now, you’ll need to decide where to start to make your dream happen.

Designing and building the home you really want requires the knowledge and experience of a professional—which is why many happy homeowners have relied on our expertise.

You may be feeling overwhelmed about the building process, but TROIA makes it easy:

1. Initial Consultation

We start off with an initial consultation, where we’ll ask questions about your budget and building preferences:

  • Do you have architectural plans?
  • What style and size of home do you want?
  • What changes need to be made?
  • What type of finishes do you prefer?
  • Do you own a vacant property?
  • Do you know your property’s zoning requirements or have a building permit?

TROIA will be happy to assist you with answers based on our experience.

2. Build Estimate

Our team at TROIA Homes will work with you to create a personal project plan, including a timeline and budget. Our reputable professionals will put together a plan based on your ideas that is both affordable and attractive.

A custom project may involve dealing with multiple contractors, the city, engineers, architects and more. At Troia, we simplify the process by offering you the opportunity to coordinate with one point of contact. Leave it all to us!

3. Finishing Touches

Building a custom home is a large enough project without having to worry about finding qualified professionals to carry it out based on your budget. Troia Homes is a full-service agency, which means we do the homework on finding qualified, licensed technicians and experts. You can be confident that you’re working with certified contractors with quality workmanship standards…rather than take your chances.

You’ll have the whole TROIA team at your disposal during your project, which means your project will get the attention it deserves. And, we’ll keep you updated on how your project is progressing or answer any of your queries throughout the entire process.

Quality without dependability is frustrating. Dependability without quality is disastrous.

Contact TROIA today for the quality you deserve and dependability you can count on!

If you’re interested in speaking to TROIA about your next steps, contact us at 613.822.9422 to set up a free consultation.